Friday, May 09, 2008

"Dream Thieves", Flash Animation!

Video Clip Details
Clip Title : Dream Thieves
Date : 2008-05-06
Clipal Score : 78 of 100
Video size : 7.42 (MB)
Description : The main character, a girl who use the people to find all what she wants, finds a book in the snow. This book has the spirits of the four seasons that activate the lighthouse. Inside This lighthouse remains the souls of the band, who become again to life... for a little revenge. Transforming the reality into a Nightmare made this video because Sonata Arctica is not only my favorite music band, thanks to them I am who I am, my life philosophy, etc. Thanks to the "8th Commandment", so I wanted to make a tribute to the band. Dream Thieves is the main theme because is a really speedy song with some hate feelings, perfect to make a fast video with weird backgrounds (some are inspired in the Artwork of their albums) Keep watching the menu and you will see a Paid In Full Parody

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