Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Pirates in the Key of Arrrgh !", Flash Animation!

Video Clip Details
Clip Title : Pirates in the Key of Arrrgh !
Date : 2007-12-13
Clipal Score : 75 of 100
Video size : 7.63 (MB)
Description : You've sailed to the ends of the world to catch back wicked Jack. You've liberated Calypso from her human bonds. All Aztec coins have been returned to their chest. Now break open that bottle of rum, unlace your corset and limber up your finest singing voice. We're about to do it all again... this time in rousing show tunes.All classic pirates characters are back (minus Cotton) to attend to all unfinished business. Of all sea creatures and coral specimens alike, why does Calypso opt to express herself through the hermit crab? What becomes of Elizabeth as she blissfully sunbathes upon that deserted isle? Is Jack truly any better off than he was nine hours ago? The scurvy filmmakers buried secrets deep beneath the movies' surfaces. Now join "Pirates in the Key of Arrrgh!" as we embark on a treasure hunt to answer all these burning questions and more. To view this movie with its original coloring, please darken your computer monitor slightly. Thanks to Gordon College for their hospitality. Thanks to Roy Bailey for his knowledge in flash animation. Thanks to Almighty Hans for his assistance with character design in the film. Thanks to the teachers that supported this film even through my excessive absences.

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