Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Megaman - New Brawl", Flash Animation!

Video Clip Details
Clip Title : Megaman - New Brawl
Date : 2007-12-30
Clipal Score : 71 of 100
Video size : 8.91 (MB)
Description : A Flash about Mega Man with another story from the original. Well you'll see enjoy. It's about a few month's since I sent a flash movie. Well, you know I am very lazy about Spawn master and I decided to give up with that flash. Because all of the people says it's a copy of SMBZ and I don't waste time with this. So, the series end at episode 3. Anyways I really enjoy Megaman games, that's why i create a new story of it. The main idea of the history comes from my mind, then it cannot be a copy of SMBZ. Well the last thing to say is ENJOY THE MOVIE!

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