Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Super Mario bros Z 1", Flash Animation!

Video Clip Details
Clip Title : Super Mario bros Z 1
Date : 2008-10-17
Clipal Score : 65 of 100
Video size : 3.62 (MB)
Description : The Super Mario bros Z saga begins.... My first full length sprite animation. I've seen many Super mario/DBZ parodies, and they weren't very impressive. So I decided to make my own series with X number of parts. The story will be based on the android saga through to the Cell games saga. Although it isn't very evident in this first part. This episode is based on the episode where Frieza returned after he was defeated. Although, I'm aiming to make the story much different so it suits the Mario characters. I was intending to make this episode longer, plus add a fight scene between Bowser and Mario, but I went overboard with the race scene and didn't have enough room to add it. But I'm happy with the result anyway. And part 2 will follow along shortly.

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